Civil Society Organizations

Civil Society Organizations


UNICEF partners Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) providing resources and technical expertise to engage in dialogue with government using a variety of tools such as public debates, workshops, roundtables, production and dissemination of policy paper on child rights aimed at influencing the decision making process. 

What are we doing?

Support CSOs to engage in Monitoring and advocacy for the rights of the children at national and local level, and to develop a critical thinking on national policies through the production of policy briefs to influence decisions at ministerial level.

Strengthen the capacity of CSOs to participate effectively in decision making foras to voice children’s concern and influence the national and provincial agenda towards the promotion and protection of the rights of the children.

What are our latest results?

More than 200 CSOs trained in policy advocacy and monitoring of social policies at local and provincial level.

More than 50 round tables, media debates and workshops on child rights involving more than 1,000 people members of CS, government and private sector at national and in Tete, Nampula, Zambezia dnd Cabo Delgado.

Line ministries actively engaged on child rights promotion through policy briefs produced by CSOs members of the child right Foras (5 position produced and disseminated to government, CSO’s and general public). 

Two papers addressing various child rights issues produced and disseminated at local and national level.

Four Provincial Networks Strengthened and actively participating and local decision making fora to influence the local development agenda.

Active participation of CSOs in the revision of national instruments and laws which impact the realization of children’s rights such as the new Penal Code, the National Plan of Action for Children, the National Plan of Action for the Elimination of Child Labour.

The launch of the national campaign against child marriage by the government as a result of UNICEF support to civil society in Tete and Zambezia in 2014.

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