The things we should all know about the emergency

Annual Report of UNICEF Mozambique 2014
There are things we must all know,
Important things, so that
together we can all defend.
Simple things,
Easy things,
Even for the people,
Who know very little.
Let us all go together and learn
It is our duty and our right,
With Mother Nature
It is always better to avert.

Annual Report of UNICEF Mozambique 2014
Rain and flood,
Hurricanes and typhoons,
It is very important to know,
The areas that are safe so as,
To avoid getting caught by surprise.
It is also important to have at home,
A safety kit in case of emergency,
For whatever emergency.

Annual Report of UNICEF Mozambique 2014
In some occasions, Mother Nature,
Can be cruel and severe,
But we already know her,
She warns us and yet we choose not to hear.


UNICEF support to emergency response

As part of its emergency preparedness actions, UNICEF provided support for the strengthening of the rapid multi-sectoral assessment system in Zambézia, in developing, drafting and making operational the National Contingency Plan for 2014-2015 through the pre-positioning of emergency supplements for 25,000 people, and technical and institutional support for the relevant line ministries. Support was also given to the preparation of the National Plan for Ebola Preparedness and Response, and in training and building the capacity of the Local Disaster Management Committees.

In the flood and cholera emergency response, UNICEF intervened actively in water and sanitation, education and child protection, health and nutrition, as well as in the area of communication for development, through activities of social awareness and mobilisation. As a result, more than 126,000 people affected by the floods in Zambézia, and about 8,400 people affected by cholera throughout the country benefitted from basic humanitarian assistance, with the support of UNICEF and other partners.