Letter from Vitória to UNICEF

Annual Report of UNICEF Mozambique 2014

Dear UNICEF, my name is Vitória and I want to thank you for the beautiful surprise of receiving your support to practice at Radio Mozambique. I would also like to thank teacher Zacarias and APE Feliciano, who are now helping me to participate in the next Children’s Parliament session. I have never done anything expecting recognition, but I am happy to have support, such as that from UNICEF, which implies for me a great deal of commitment and responsibility. Thank you for the acknowledgement that motivates me to keep helping those who live in my village and other places where my voice can be heard. I love to help out just like you do. Thank you for protecting me and the children of my country.

Annual Report of UNICEF Mozambique 2014 I carefully read everything that is said about the work UNICEF does here in Mozambique in an article my grandmother shared with me. I learned of your commitment to promoting child survival, vaccination, education and protection. That is why I am writing this letter to thank you, but also to tell you that there are many children in danger around the world, children who are exposed to conflict or disaster zones, suffering violence and different diseases.

This cannot go on, it is always important to remember that all the children in the world deserve protection and a family, they have the right to have health and education in order to be stronger and better. I learned many things in school and helped the development of our village through debates.

I am now committed to continuing help as a broadcaster in my community radio and also in the next Children’s Parliament, talking about our rights and doing what UNICEF does in the world:

Fight for a better world for children, without distinction.